ButterScotch Creations is a marriage of many passions: supper and breakfast (if we had our way, all cafes should serve all-day breakfast!) , an insatiable sweet tooth and the love of fantastic visual presentation.  

Butterscotch waffles are our common indulgence, and in a Eureka moment, we decided that it shall be our calling card as well. In October 2009, ButterScotch Creations was born.

Our obsession over good food factors prominently in our philosophy for ButterScotch: a good design must be aesthetically appealing, exciting and piques the viewers' attention for more; pretty much like getting hooked on a serving of piping hot butterscotch waffles.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Azman believes that there is a kid in everyone. Cartoons are his favourite TV programmes and his guilty pleasure is a plate of crisp golden fries.

His passion for animation and design led him to major in Graphic Design and he graduated with 2nd Upper Class Honours in BA (Hons) Graphic Design. A keen interest in the nuts and bolts behind interactive media also led him to pursue a Diploma in Multimedia Software Engineering.

Just like the fries he favours, Azman's design aesthetics veers towards simple lines and crisp graphics. While experienced in both print and screen works, Azman's passion lies in interactive work. He believes that effective web design should engage the viewer and brand rapport can be cemented through interaction.

Having been in the industry for more than 5 years, Azman has accumulated a diverse portfolio and collaborated with many companies such as Citibank Singapore, Hewlett-Packard, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore, InterContinental Hotel Groups, MasterCard, Media Development Authority and Volvo Singapore.

OK, so we can't quite duplicate that comfirting feeling of biting into a piping hot slice of freshly made waffles, or the sweet embrace of rich warm butterscotch upon the palate, but we entertainly do know how to pack a punch with your content!

Don't just take our word for it though. Good food can only be validated through tastic test, and we'd love to have you over to experience the ButterScotch promise for yourself!

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